Be Your Best Self in Body Love Athletica

Women’s activewear that’s finally fashionable! Before Body Love Athletica, it was hard to find women’s activewear that was inspired by high fashion. Our versatile and trendy brand gives women an option to choose from a collection of women’s activewear that transcends women’s fitness clothing. With Body Love Athletica you can wear our clothes for workouts and sports just as easily as you can wear them as leisurewear. Inspired by everyday clothing, Body Love Athletica is a Los Angeles based lifestyle brand for the active woman that loves fashion.

Taking control

from studio to street


Body Love Athletica is more than just workout clothes for women, it’s a colorful lifestyle brand that is about style, comfort, and functionality. This is the women’s activewear that you can actually feel confident wearing in public, no matter where you’re headed.

When Body Love Athletica started, it was designed as luxury activewear that can be lived in. Now you can feel comfortable running your errands before and after your fitness routine without having to haul a change of clothes around with you. As a lifestyle brand we know that athletic clothing should function as more than just clothing you can work out in, but clothes you can truly live in. Feel great about yourself at the store, pharmacy, having a casual lunch somewhere, or just heading to campus, because Body Love Athletica’s line is versatile. We believe just because you want to work on fitness doesn’t mean you should give up your sense of style.

mesh workout leggings

Dare to be Mesh Leggings


Slip into our Dare to be Mesh Leggings with intricate details and look legendary during  your workout. Throw on a sweater and style for casual-fashion wear and look oh-so-stylish.

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irresistible bra

Irresistible Sports Bra


Stop Meshing around and rock our Irresistible Sports Bra. You’ll love the flattering neckline and beautifully open back. Style with your favorite pair of leggings and you won’t go wrong.

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Women’s Sportswear

We take fitness seriously. Our clothing can be used for multiple fitness regimes and activities. Ladies activewear has never looked so good when you’re hitting up the gym, working on your cardio, weight training, or taking your weekly spin class. Our clothes really show off your form during routines like Crossfit, as you’re sweating through wall balls and burpees. Into something that’s slow-paced like yoga? We have fashionable yoga clothes for women, like our trendy leggings that you can breathe in when you’re stretching through each position.

Our clothes were designed to feel effortless, so you can put all the effort into your fitness. Because we know that athleticism comes in many forms, from fitness classes like Zumba or boxing, to competitive sports like tennis and volleyball, all of our clothes are designed to enhance your physical form. That’s why we’ve created sports bras that can keep up with the demand of rigorous sports and work outs, while still looking and feeling chic.

Functional Fabric

We used compression fabric to give you a toned, fit look. The best thing is all of our fabrics are soft, which means they feel smooth against your skin, no matter what activity you’re doing. These breathable fabrics are of high quality and any item (from leggings to sports bras) is long lasting. You’ll be able to wash your clothing without worrying about the elasticity or losing its shape. Everything is designed to last for years. The functional fabric, the sexy cuts, the trendy styles, all will help enhance your health and fitness so you can be the best possible you!


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