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4 Ways on How to Dress Up Fitness Leggings & Look Great!

These Looks Will Inspire Your Next Leggings Outfit

You’ve been thinking about getting a pair of Body Love Athletica leggings but you’re stumped on how to dress up fitness leggings. We’ve got you covered! At Body Love Athletica we designed leggings to wear for everyday use, not just at the gym but around town! Here is a quick guide on how to dress up fitness leggings and how you can create your own stunning looks with our line of stylish leggings.

Dare to Wear Them with Leather

wearing leggings with leather
Dress your leggings up by tossing on a cool leather jacket. There is a fashionable contrast in materials between a leather jacket and your nylon/spandex leggings, which adds depth to your outfit. The cool leather jacket instantly adds a fashionable statement to your leggings without even trying. To achieve this effortless look, our model chose to pair her black leather jacket with our Dare to be Mesh Leggings. Wearing headphones around her neck, our model is ready to trot around town to run errands or meet up for lunch. By adding the leather jacket to the leggings our model has transformed this look from a workout to “working” the look in public.

Sweater Weather

wearing leggings with a sweater
In a second photo she’s accessorized her look with sunglasses, a purse, and a sweater tied around her waist. Wearing our Irresistible Sports Bra, if she wanted to head to a workout, she’d be good to go. By removing the sweater and jacket, she’d be ready for any type of rigorous workout, whether it’s at the gym or outside. Adding a sweater that’s a different color than her black attire gives her outfit a much needed “pop.” The sweater can also be used over the Irresistible Sports Bra if it starts to get chilly. Tying the sweater around her waist also brings attention to the stripes of mesh in the front of our Dare to be Mesh Leggings and it really shows them off.

Thrill with Simplicity

ways to wear leggings
Leggings are already casual in nature, and our model looks perfect for any outing, in our Thriller Leggings. To complete her look, she’s wearing simple white shoes, with a stylish white denim jacket and a floral headband. She looks ready for a day at the beach, a party, or even a casual stroll doing errands. This look can be pulled off easily with casual shoes (think sneakers or flats), a denim jacket (it doesn’t have to be white), and an accessory. Our model chose to go with a floral headband, if that’s not the look you want to go for, a necklace or a bracelet can be used instead as the statement piece. To dress up the leggings, you don’t want to just throw anything together. It’ll look too distracting. Our model chose white, but even wearing a blue denim jacket with blue shoes and a blue accessory would’ve been appropriate. Try and keep a color scheme going so it really works around the athletic wear.


ways to wear leggings
For a fourth look our model’s paired our Sleek Up Leggings and Divergent Long Sleeve with a leather vest, simple shoes, and a big hat. As a statement piece, the hat tops off the whole look as fun and chic and provides an outfit that doesn’t need any more accessories. For the solid-colored leggings, the hat and leather vest transform this outfit from a runner’s look to a look that can easily be rocked at brunch or a barbecue. Because the leggings are a solid color, sticking to solid colors around it helps our model pull off the look. If you’re thinking about not using solid colors, which is doable, swap the leather vest out for a top with a pattern or design to bring some playfulness to the Sleek Up Leggings. She also could’ve swapped the sneakers for flats or sandals, depending on the weather.

At Body Love Athletica, we’ve designed clothing that is meant to be worn as active wear, as well as leisurely. Dressing our leggings up by adding cool accessories and jackets will give you a chic appearance to wear from the studio to the street. As athleisure continues to grow more popular, many women are trying to figure out ways their new leggings can be used as part of their everyday wardrobe. Body Love Athletica’s leggings are fashionable and functional and will be a great addition to anyone’s closet. With these tips on how to dress up fitness leggings, you’ll be a trendsetter next time you step outside in your Body Love Athletica leggings.


  • Melissa


    I’m into all these looks! Thanks for the tips.

    November 12, 2016
  • Aylin Carolina


    I love wearing my leggings whenever I can, and feel good in them after a workout 😉

    November 14, 2016
  • Vanessa Gunawan


    these leggings are awesome! i wear my pair to do everything!! <3

    December 21, 2016
  • Diana


    I wear my grey leggings with my Nike joggers and a good bomber jacket. After you start wearing leggings, You will forget that you ever wore jeans because they are very comfortable and also works with various styles.

    May 8, 2017


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