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Developing Self Confidence While Working Out For You

Self Confidence Comes When You Build It For Yourself


Working out should always be something you strive to do for you, not for an ex. Recently there has been a “revenge body” trend geared towards women working out because of their ex. In some cases because they were dumped by their ex, lied to, or even cheated on. This has led some women to aspire towards a “revenge body” either to get the attention of their ex or to get their ex back.

The “revenge body” mentality has potentially negative effects, like obsessing over your ex, not moving on from the relationship, and even focusing on your body as opposed to developing self confidence. Self confidence can understandably be lost after a break up and rebuilding it is a healthy way to pull focus back to you, your goals, and your life.

Many Motivators For Fitness, An Ex Shouldn’t Be One of Them

It’s nice for people to find fitness motivation however they find it, but we want you to be mentally healthy and happy as well. Harping on your ex and trying to work out for their benefit, won’t be healthy for you in the long run. However, working out because you want to feel and look good for you, is the healthiest fitness motivator. Working out for you will also bring a lot of positive energy into your life, instead of the negative cloud of thoughts looming over you if you’re working on a “revenge body.”

Improving Self Esteem by Working Out For You

Copy of zellerphotography.com-13Working out is a great way to boost your self esteem, aside from working on your body goals. So you’ve decided you want to start working out to look good on the beach this summer. You have a vision board of other body types that fit yours, that range from stars like Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, BeyoncĂ©, or even Lady Gaga. What happens when you shed the weight and sculpt the body that you want, but you still feel insecure? The insecurities, after reaching your body goals, come largely from not working on the confidence, just working on your body.

Dr. Phil’s 6 Self Confidence Tips

While it’s great that you’ve been doing your cardio, Pilates, Ballet Barre routines, and other fitness regimens, but what have you been doing to build your self confidence? It’s not enough to just be doing “body building,” you have to be focused on self esteem building as well or you’ll run the risk of having the body that you want but seeking everyone on the outside to validate you (like your ex, or social media followers).

1. Find your inner light and let it shine.
2. See yourself clearly flaws and all.
3. Learn to take a compliment.
4. Chart your course towards success.
5. Do something bold.
6. Create your own cheering squad.
Read more about each of Dr. Phil’s self assurance steps courtesy of Huffington Post.

IMG_85226 Ways Working Out Builds Fierce Confidence

Once you’ve worked on your self confidence you can use working out to build upon following these 6 examples working out builds fierce confidence from Organic Authority.

1. Working out gives you a sense of accomplishment
2. Working out enhances your well-being
3. Working out makes you feel like a hot tamale
4. Working out makes you more productive
5. Working out changes the way you face challenges
6. Working out improves your posture

Inner Strength is Just As Sexy As A Toned Body

As you can tell by the countless photos on Instagram using #fitspiration everyone is focused on changing their physical appearance but the one thing we all know for sure is that, it won’t change the insecurities that you have inside and it certainly won’t help with your self esteem. That comes from working on your confidence and using Dr. Phil’s tips above will help you start your journey. Using Organic Authority’s tips will help give you reasons working out will build that fierce confidence that we all have to spend time building. Remember your body goals, fit goals, and boosting your self confidence should be the reasons you workout, not your ex.

As Elite Daily puts it “earning a fit body after a breakup can be positive, but it does not make you a better person than you were before. Self-improvement transcends the physical. Working out more after a breakup is different than a revenge body. It’s healthy, and is part of an effective coping strategy that can help you heal after a bad relationship.”


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