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Active Living

Creator and designer Leora Kashani has always been athletic. Taking fitness seriously, Leora has been involved in a wide range of sports growing up. Aside from playing sports like tennis and volleyball, she’s also stayed active through dance, taking classes like Jazz and Hip Hop. Living an active lifestyle has come easy for Leora. But finding activewear she wanted to work out in was more challenging.

Leora, owner of Body Love Athletica

Creation of Body Love Athletica

Bored with her normal fitness clothes, Leora started to create her own workout attire. People immediately took notice and complimented her new clothes. That was the beginning of Body Love Athletica. Since the beginning the brand has been built around active living while looking great. For Leora, it was more than just activewear that she could feel good in, she designed the line of clothes, to make sure that fashion didn’t get in the way of function. With Body Love Athletica, you can wear your fitness clothes, no matter where you’re going. You don’t have to worry about carrying extra clothes around with you to change from your fitness attire to “more comfortable” clothes because Body Love Athletica’s clothes were made to be worn in public, not just during your work out.

Leora’s inspired by everyday clothing. Seeing what women around her are wearing has helped her decide what cuts and prints women would want to wear and be comfortable in. From lingerie to dresses, bottoms to jackets, she mixes the style of every day clothes with activewear to create the perfect relationship in athleisure.

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